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Day 19 and 20 – Troutdale, OR to Moses Lake, WA and Nelson, BC then Home

Day 19 – Troutdale to Moses Lake

Distance: 320 miles (514 kilometers)
Low temp: 11 celcius (morning until Mt St Helens)
High temp: 28 celcius (end of day near Moses Lake)
Time on bike: 8:30-7:30pm

Really good ride today as I work my way back home. A few guys from the meet were going in generally the…

biketrip – day 4 – PNW VFR Meet

Total Kilometres: 360 (224 Miles)
High/Low Temp: 10 Celcius and as high as 18 Celcius
Total Riding Time: 9:30am PST -5:30pm PST

i’m a member of an online discussion group about motorcycles, specifically the type of motorcycle i ride a honda VFR Interceptor. people who own any of the various models from 1983 to the present…