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Day 2 – Grand Forks to Vancouver, BC through Washington State

Travel Time: 8:00am-6:30pm
Low Temp: 14 Celcius (Morning outside of Danville, WA)
High Temp: 30 Celcius (Winthrop, WA)
Distance: 579 kilometres

Great day for riding and scenery. Crossing the border at Danville was a piece of cake. It’s a small border crossing and there were only two vehicles. I was through in a matter of minutes….

Day 13 – Vancouver, Wa to Newport, Or

Distance: 185 miles / 298 kilometres
Temperature: Low 12 (Cape Meares) / High 16 (Sandlake)
Riding Time: 8:45am – 2:00 pm

After chatting with Tim last night about routes and pouring over a map I still wasn’t able to make up my mind as to where to go. I decided to move back towards…

Day 12 – Longview, Wa to Vancouver, Wa – Day Ride with my mate Tim

Distance: 350.9 miles / 564.71 kilometres
Temperature: Low 12 (Longview) / High 38 (The Dalles)
Riding Time: Approx. 6.5 hours

Got up at reasonable hour at the hotel. Had a pretty good sleep – can’t seem to tune out air conditioners – can’t they make them quieter?

Called my mate Tim and his wife Cassie in Vancouver,…

Day 6 – Vancouver to Sunshine Coast/Powell River

Distance: 173 kilometres
Temperature: Low 16 / High 25


We decided to take the second ferry this morning from Horseshoe Bay. We felt like there would be enough time to explore, briefly, some of the sights along route 101 north of the Sunshine Coast.

I remembered that traffic in Vancouver could be a nightmare during the rush…

Day 5 – Wandering in Vancouver

A nice day off from riding. We spent the day at Granville Island then walking along the beaches of Kitsilano and the Spanish Banks towards UBC.
What a great day for food and exploring. The weather was good, around 15 degrees, and a bit of a breeze. We’re still getting used to the humidity which…