Tag: Tetons

Day 18 – Jackson, WY to Bozeman, MT

Total Kilometres: 740 (460 Miles)
High/Low Temp: 12 celcius (top of Beartooth Pass) and 31 celcius (Bozeman, MT)
Total Riding Time: 8:00am MST – 7:30pm MST

well, the best laid plans…

i was going to get up early and be on the road by 6:30am this morning. still a bit damp and cool, so i climbed…

Day 17 – Vernal, UT to Jackson, WY

Total Kilometres: 547 (340 Miles)
High/Low Temp: 13 celcius (Vernal, UT) and 23 celcius (Jackson, WY)
Total Riding Time: 6:30am MST – 3:30pm MST

i think there was a mispelling on the town sign, rather than ‘vernal’ it should be ‘anal’. absolutely nothing in this town but box stores and corporate america’s best food stores…