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Jordan Valley, OR

Summer 2015 Ride to San Francisco, the Varadero, and Absence from Blogging

I haven’t seemed to find the time, energy or interest to update things on my blog over the last couple years. There always seems to be something to do and this has fallen to the bottom of the list.

I’ve learned a lot about various aspects of life from reading other people’s personal experiences through blogging…

Day 7 – 14 – Stinson Beach

We had an amazing time as a family in Stinson Beach. It is a quiet, quaint and relaxing place to spend a week.

This is a week of firsts – first family vacation, first time out of the country together, and Niko’s first time at the ocean and beach, first MLB game.

Our second day…

2014 Family Vacation and Ride – Stinson Beach, California

Our first family vacation will be a trip to California which will involve 2/3 of us flying (son and spouse) and 1/3 (me) riding there and back by motorcycle.

We will be spending a week together in the Bay Area of California, more specifically Stinson Beach and day trips around the San Francisco area.