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Ride through Mclean Creek, Highwood House and Livingstone Falls

Great weather. Finally!

Got out on some of the gravel roads for a decent ride today.

Pretty uneventful ride (except one thing) but absolutely lovely sunny and relaxing.

A quick jaunt through Kananaskis on the Mclean Creek side. Went up the Gorge Creek Trail but unfortunately it is closed at one end. Not sure how long…

Day Ride – Kananaskis – A not so sunny day

Had a chance again today to zip out to Kananaskis. I was planning to head out to the Powderface Trail but when I got there the rain/snow had socked into the area and I had to come back. It began raining in epic biblical proportions. Flash rains and clay/mud roads don’t mix.

Just before I turned…

First Sunny Day – Backroads through Mclean Creek

Finally got some free time and a bit of decent weather. Took a spin out past Bragg Creek on Highway 66 to Mclean Creek. Took the Mclean Creek Trail road right through to Millarville. Great conditions and the road is an easy ride. I took a spin up the Gorge Creek Trail road which is…