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Day 7 – Hyder, Alaska – Glacier Visit and Lunch in Stewart, BC

Travel Time: Back and forth most of the day – about 55 kilometres
Low Temp: 8 celcius (sunrise – what a beautiful sunrise)
High Temp: 24 celcius (mid-afternoon)

The goal of this trip was to tackle some unfinished business from my last trip to Alaska – see some bears eating Salmon. Really, that is it. I…

Day 6 – Prince George to Hyder, BC

Travel Time: 8:45am – 8:45pm
Low Temp: 9 celcius (Bear Glacier – cool breezes)
High Temp: 24 celcius (Smithers – Lunchtime)
Distance: 703 kilometres

So far on the trip the luck with the weather has held. Getting up and getting ready to go the temperature was 16 celcius and sunny. The weather held all the way…

Preparing for the trip to Hyder

A couple of quick maintenance issues need to be tackled before departing on the trip next week.

The first ones are the changing of the cam chain tensioners on my 2005 VFR 800 Interceptor. I started with the easy one the one on the rear of the engine which was pretty straightforward to change out and…

Summer Planning and Changes


The purpose of this blog when I started so many years ago was a daily/weekly journal. As things in life got so much busier with a return to university, career change and now a family it’s been increasingly hard to keep up with blogging and updates. For the past few years the website has become…

Day 2 – Prince George to Hyder, Alaska

Lovely day from Prince George to the stunningly beautiful Hyder, Alaska.