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Ride through Mclean Creek, Highwood House and Livingstone Falls

Great weather. Finally!

Got out on some of the gravel roads for a decent ride today.

Pretty uneventful ride (except one thing) but absolutely lovely sunny and relaxing.

A quick jaunt through Kananaskis on the Mclean Creek side. Went up the Gorge Creek Trail but unfortunately it is closed at one end. Not sure how long…

Day 16 – Denver, CO to Vernal, UT

Total Kilometres: 595 (370 Miles)
High/Low Temp: 7 celcius (top of Milner Pass) and 31 celcius (Dinosaur, UT)
Total Riding Time: 7:00am MST – 4:00pm MST

Got up at six and reassembled the bags on the bike, packed and was ready to go by 6:45. really enjoyed the time spent in denver. great to spend…