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Ya Ha Tinda Ranch

Day Ride – Ya Ha Tinda Ranch

Avoided the rain all day – 385 km day ride to new vistas

Forestry Trunk Road – Calgary -> Highwood House -> Blairmore/Coleman

Had a chance to ride with an old VFR riding buddy – Paul. We both toured together a few times on our VFRs and have since switched to the same type of bike again – the Africa Twin.

We had a day ride to head to Blairmore/Coleman along the Forestry Trunk Road. Great late season weather….

Weekend Gravel Road Camping Adventure – Kootenays, Whiteswan Provincial Park and Forestry Trunk Road Kananaskis

Settler’s Road and the Forestry Trunk Road into Kananaskis

Kilometres: approx 930
Temps: vary from 14 at night to 30 celcius during riding days
Time Two Days Riding – One Night Camping

Day 1

Things have been so busy this summer this is the first chance to squeeze in a multi-day ride. Thought I’d try some new areas…

Latest Start to the Riding Season Yet – Calgary to Coleman via 532 and Highway 40 Forestry Road

This year has been so busy with work and with renovations that I haven’t really had enough time to ride hardly at all. I’ve been for a couple short rides to Bragg Creek and commuting but today was my first real ride. The weather also hasn’t been cooperating and honestly the first really nice weather…

Day Ride – Forestry Trunk Road – North to Nordegg Junction

Distance: 340 kilometers
Time: 11:30am – 5:45 pm
Temp.: 28 celcius (It’s like frickin’ summer out there)

Took advantage of the great weather and went on a blast north on the forestry trunk road. Surprisingly with such great weather there wasn’t a sole around. I pretty much had the road to myself the whole afternoon.

We’ve had…