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Motorcycle Trip 2014 – Calgary to San Francisco – Summary

Total Number of Day for Trip: 20 days
Total Number of Days Riding: 13 days
Total Distance Traveled by Motorcycle: 4749.2 miles / 7643.1 kilometres (most distance in least number of days) – an average of 587 per day
Warmest Temp: 43 in Death Valley – smoking hot!
Lowest Temp: 6 Whitefish, MT – yikes!…

Prairies to Permafrost – Trip Summary

Details of the trip:

Distance Traveled: 9347 Kilometres (5808 miles)
Approximate Cost of Fuel: $450-500 dollars (fuel is very expensive up North)
Lodging Costs (Camping and Hotels): approx. $1,100-1,300
Number of Days on the Road: 17 (15 on the bike)

Lowest Temperature: 0 Celcius (Destruction Bay, YT – sleet and snow-like conditions)
Warmest Temperature: 24 Celcius (Carmacks,…

Day 21 – The Ride Home

Distance: 669.1 Kilometres
Low Temp.: 8 celcius
High Temp.: 14 celcius (for a few minutes around New Denver, BC)
Time on the bike: 7:45am-7:30pm.

The final day of the trip. While I had planned to take the highway 3 ride home it turns out I missed the ferry. I literally rode up to the port as…

Day 18 – Wenatchee, Wa to Nelson, BC

Distance: 628 kilometres
Temperature: Low 24 (Start of day) / High 30 (Tonasket onward)
Riding Time: 7:30am-5:30pm

The trip has come full-circle. This is the bookend to what has been a terrific riding adventure. It’s somewhat fitting that the journey ends where it basically began with the VFR meet. It’s also nice to have one day…

Day 19 – Bozeman, MT to Calgary, AB – The End of the Journey

Total Kilometres: 810 kilometres
High/Low Temp: 8 celcius (the hills and dales outside of Bozeman) and 24 celcius (Lethbridge, AB)
Total Riding Time: 7:00am MST – 3:30pm MST

today’s trip was soley about getting home, and in the quickest possible time. after 18 days of riding between 300-400 miles a day, i’m burned out and…