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2014 Trip Planning – Return Trip Itinerary

After some planning and looking at routes home from Stinson Beach I’ve come up with an itinerary that will get me back home with a few days to spare before my son’s birthday.

Lots of riding on this trip – over 7,500 kilometres in 14 days and that’s without side trips, detours or any additional spins off the beaten path.

biketrip – day 5 – Vancouver, WA to Odell Lake, Oregon

Total Kilometres: 451 (280 Miles)
High/Low Temp: 9 Celcius and as high as 12 Celcius (yes, twelve as the high!)
Total Riding Time: 9:30am PST – 6:00pm PST

wow, what a long day. reasonable distance covered but today luck ran out with the weather. when i returned from the ride yesterday it started raining, and this…