Bike Trip 2015 – California Bound, Again…

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No particular directions or plans…

Wing it and find a place to camp or sleep for the night the day of travel or the night before. Last year, every single place, time, road and sight was planned in advance of my trip. I had never done an itinerary-based trip before, and to be honest, it kinda sucked the life out of the riding part of the trip. It felt too rigid and not enough discovery or adventure. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the riding because it was some of the most challenging and exciting riding I’ve done.

I remember the early trips I did without baggage, luggage or a GPS – just a map. Well, I don’t think I could every go without luggage again, but I certainly can go with the flow and just follow whims and go and end up wherever the day ends. Sometimes not knowing on the way opens up new possibilities or ‘stumble upon’ moments. That’s what I am aiming for this time around.

Day 1 – Calgary to Monument Peak Fire Lookout, MT

Day 2 – 7 – I’ll figure it out….

Ending up in Stinson Beach, California again for 10 days. The only other thing that is planned this time is another Major League Baseball game with Bay area rivals – SF Giants and the Oakland A’s. The rest is up in the air.


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