Bike Trip 2013 – Hyder, Alaska

Daily Journal – Mike and David’s Most Excellent Ride to Hyder, AK

Post Trip

Gas Costs: approx. $320
Lodging Costs: $865 (almost $500 of that was Vancouver – ouch!)
Distance Traveled: 4,200 kilometres
Number of Diet Pepsis Consumed: Too Many to Count
Number of Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry Consumed: Only One – A Crying Shame
Wildlife: Two bears, One Golden Eagle, Thousands of Salmon


After chatting with potential riding partners and considering the amount of travel involved in another southern adventure, I’ve chosen to head off to Hyder, Alaska.

So far, two of the three riding partners have been unable to go (with one potential one left). I’d like to stop in Vancouver to visit friends and I don’t think I’ll have time for anything more than the 5,000 or so kilometres to make the trip North.

Also, I really want to see the grizzlies and the salmon run this time. So hopefully my timing clicks this time.

I also considered that this will be a great way to recharge since it is virtually people free for a week. Time to be out in nature, take pictures, relax and still do a fairly significant ride.

I’ll be leaving Calgary on August 5th (just after the long weekend) and returning in about 14 days.

Rough Itinerary

  • Calgary to Grand Forks, BC (709 kilometres)
  • Grand Forks, BC to Vancouver, BC through Cascades Highway in Washington (570 kilometres – 3 days to hang in Vancouver)
  • Vancouver, BC to Prince George, BC (763 kilometres)
  • Prince George, BC to Hyder, AK (698 kilometres – 2 days for photos)
  • Return Path – TBD

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