Bike Trip 2010 – Mexico, Almost…

Daily Trip Log

Let the planning, or lack thereof, begin. This year’s journey should begin approximately August 1 and return August 22.

This could be a completely agenda-less ride this year. I’m toying with the idea of not planning any more than a day in advance (i.e. the day of each ride).

I’m guessing that I’ll be in the neighbourhood of 10,000 kilometres on the trip, but who knows….

So far the only real planning for the trip will be to get down to Mexico as quickly as possible. After the first two marathon days a lot of ground will be covered. From that point I’ll be riding on a day to day plan and booking the hotel in the next location the night before.

Here’s the first two hectic days of travel. One bonus, I’ll be taking the “Going to the Sun” road in Montana which is stunning. The rest of the first two days is slab interstate travel to make up miles.

Day 1 – Calgary to Butte, MT

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Day 2 – Butte, MT to St. George, UT

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Possible Day 3 Route – St. George to Blythe, CA

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