Daily Journal 2009

This page will provide a day-by-day account of the trip with photos – the first section will be the trip with Fiona, the second will be my travels in the USA. Please feel free to add your comments as i’ll check my e-mail and messages as the trip progresses.

Done Like Dinner – Trip Report – Synopsis

Mike’s Most Excellent US Adventure (July 19 – 28, 2009)

Day 19 – Nelson, BC  to Calgary, AB
Day 18 – Wenatchee, Wa to Nelson, BC
Day 17 – La Grande, Or to Wenatchee, Wa
Day 16 – Bend, Or to La Grande, Or
Day 15 – Coos Bay, Or to Bend, Or

Day 14 – Newport, Or to Coos Bay, Or

Day 13 – Vancouver, Wa to Newport, Or

Day 12 – Longview, Wa to Vancouver, Wa – Day Ride – Rowena Curves, The Dalles, Tygh Valley, Mt. Hood

Day 11 – Victoria to Longview, Wa

Mike and Fiona’s Excellent Western Adventure – Calgary to Vancouver Island (July 10 – 19, 2009)

Day 10 – Wandering in Victoria
Day 9 – Tofino to Victoria – Fiona’s Last Riding Day

Day 8 – Exploring Tofino, Ucluelet and the Coast

Day 7 – Powell River to Tofino
Day 6 – Vancouver to Sunshine Coast

Day 5 – Wandering in Vancouver
Day 4 – Merritt to Vancouver via Lillooet, BC

Day 3 – Nelson to Merritt, BC
Day 1 – Calgary to Nelson, BC

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