Bike Trip 2009 – BC and California

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This is my first summer off as a new teacher. After several years of university, and poverty, we’ve decided to go on a short trip together this summer. We’ve only had one or two short vacations together in the entire time we’ve been together – almost 9 years? Time for a break.

Fiona has never been to Vancouver Island or most of the interior of British Columbia – so, this will be new for her. Also new is traveling by motorcycle – this will be Fiona’s maiden voyage as a passenger on a long-term trip of several thousand kilometres. This will also be my first major trip that will involve a fully-loaded bike and a passenger. So far, we’ve done moderate day trips and things have been fine. We’ll be limiting our distance to shorter days so we can stop and take pics, enjoy the local food and see all the sights. We have a rough route plan and itinerary but nothing that can’t change based on how we feel each day or the weather.

At the end of the first week Fiona will be returning home by plane and I’ll continue south into the US for a few weeks. I’m going to hit some roads I’ve visited on previous trips to the US since I’m much more confident on my motorcycle now and want to have some fun on some ‘twisties.’ I’m also attempting to ride to places that I haven’t already explored in search of sights, food and interesting things – this will be the bulk of the trip. Again there is no fixed itinerary, so I’ll just go with the flow and see where I end up at the end of each day. When the budget runs out, I’ll be returning home….

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