Bike Trip 2007 – California

Bike Trip 2007

Daily Journal

When: August 15 – September 5, 2007


  • Washington (South)/Oregon (Google Maps)
  • California (Too Complex for Google Maps)
    – West Coast Highway 101/1 to San Francisco
    – Loops through Sierra Nevadas, Carson Pass, Ebbetts Pass, Sonora Pass, Yosemite
    – Loops through Sequoia/Grand Sequoia National Parks
    – South through Bakersfield, East to Barstow, East to Needles, Old Route 66 to Kingman
  • Arizona Route (Google Maps)
  • Utah Route (Google Maps – linked through CO, doesn’t include Colorado route)
  • Colorado Route (Google Maps)
  • Wyoming/Montana Route (Google Maps)

Where: 2 provinces (Alberta, BC), 8 states (Washington, Oregon, California, Azizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana)

Planned Distance: 10,000+ kilometres

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