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First Half Marathon – Give’r

After battling illness for nearly four years, neurological issues and overall feeling terrible for so long, I’m finally ready to take on a new challenge and run my first half marathon.

The training started in September along with a change in diet. It would appear, although it is unconfirmed by tests, that I am a celiac….

Call Me Crazy – Entered in a 100 Mile Running Relay

Haven’t posted for a good long while. Well, here goes….

I’ve been running more and more over the past few years. I’ve finally reached a point where I could challenge a few races and have some fun.

So I ran the Nike Human Race in November – 10K and finished in the top 20% in Canada. I…

run forest, run!

well, since the beginning of december i’ve been on a quest to get back into reasonably good physical condition. and folks, it’s working!

i started at a plump 212 pounds. after two and a half years of knee injuries, shoulder injuries and general malaise i was finally able to start training again. man, i didn’t realize…