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dramatic display of the value of a motorcycle helmet…

i think this leaves little doubt about the protection offered by a quality motorcycle helmet (although my portugese is not so hot). can’t believe anyone would want to let any part of their face or skull absorb the impact of a fall or accident.

Why I Shouldn’t Get A Student Loan or Line of Credit

Apparently funding for school is for people:

Under the age of twenty
People with absolutely no income – none whatsoever
People that have no assets – ie. no home, no car, no trinkets – like say a savings for retirement
No monthly expenses

Let me explain, apparently since i’m gainfully employed, own a house, have a car and a motorcycle,…

entering the bizarro world

remember the world opposite to superman’s the bizarro world. well i was in it today on a bus.

i got on the bus and noticed something that would be impossible without the explanation of being the bizarro world – no advertising – AT ALL! none, nada. and me without a camera, surely a photo-worthy sight.

what was…

demasculation – couldn’t have said it better myself

stumbled upon this about a “mommy disease”. ick, eew, odd opinion. mommy’s internal conflicts with being a sex goddess, a mom, a care-giver and the remover of all that is masculine from their husbands, or morphing into a mother-like figure for their mate – double plus plus yuck. interesting article, i especially love one…

murphy’s law

murphy’s law of bus travel – when you’re running a bit late, you have no change for the bus, no tickets and have to stop at a convenience store while running to catch your bus, you inevitably end up standing at the counter behind another patron checking their 50 lottery tickets. ugh…