Category: Motorcycle Trip 2013

Day 9 – Prince George, BC to Home

Final Day

Travel Time: 10:00am-8:00pm
High Temp: 28 celcius (McBride, BC)
Low Temp: 9 celcius (Bow Summit – Icefields Parkway)
Distance: 804 kilometres to the door of my garage! Whew!

The last days of a journey like this are always odd. Part of me doesn’t want it to end because I really love exploring. The other part…

Day 8 – Hyder, AK to Prince George

Travel Time: 7:00am-8:00pm
Low Temp: 8 celcius (Hyder,AK)
High Temp: Stella First Nations Reserve (Gas Stop 30 celcius)
Distance: 703 kilometres

I awoke to rap tap tapping on my door. Who goes there at this ungodly hour? It’s only a few minutes after 6:00am. Turns out that David had indeed not set his watch back another…

Day 7 – Hyder, Alaska – Glacier Visit and Lunch in Stewart, BC

Travel Time: Back and forth most of the day – about 55 kilometres
Low Temp: 8 celcius (sunrise – what a beautiful sunrise)
High Temp: 24 celcius (mid-afternoon)

The goal of this trip was to tackle some unfinished business from my last trip to Alaska – see some bears eating Salmon. Really, that is it. I…

Day 6 – Prince George to Hyder, BC

Travel Time: 8:45am – 8:45pm
Low Temp: 9 celcius (Bear Glacier – cool breezes)
High Temp: 24 celcius (Smithers – Lunchtime)
Distance: 703 kilometres

So far on the trip the luck with the weather has held. Getting up and getting ready to go the temperature was 16 celcius and sunny. The weather held all the way…

Day 5 – Sea to Sky Highway and Beyond – Vancouver to Prince George, BC

Travel Time: 7:30 – 9:00pm
Low Temp: 16 Celcius (Vancouver)
High Temp: 34 Celcius (Lillooet)
Distance: 761 kilometres

The weather reports were positive for the day so I set off at 7:20 in the Vancouver rush hour traffic. To be honest, it was really quite easy to get out of the downtown core. The traffic is…