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2009 Riding Trip – Synopsis

Overall: I think this trip was a raging success. Not only did I/we have a chance to venture into uncharted territory, I also got to spend a real vacation with my best friend, Fiona (it’s been a long time coming). Each year I say that I’ll spend less time riding and more enjoying the surroundings…

Day 19 – Nelson, BC to Calgary, AB – End of Trip

Distance: 644 kilometres
Temperature: Low 11 (Nelson) / High 18 (Fernie)
Travelling Time: 6:15am – 2:00pm (loss of hour crossing time zones)

I got up early thinking I’d catch the first ferry across Kootenay Lake and get one last run down the 3A to Creston. When I checked out and loaded my bike I changed my…

Day 18 – Wenatchee, Wa to Nelson, BC

Distance: 628 kilometres
Temperature: Low 24 (Start of day) / High 30 (Tonasket onward)
Riding Time: 7:30am-5:30pm

The trip has come full-circle. This is the bookend to what has been a terrific riding adventure. It’s somewhat fitting that the journey ends where it basically began with the VFR meet. It’s also nice to have one day…

Day 17 – La Grande, Or to Wenatchee, Wa

Distance: 421 miles / 683 kilometres
Temperature: Low 14 (La Grande – briefly) / High 35 (Most of the Washington interior)
Travelling Time: 8:45am-5:00pm

Today was a bit of a marathon. The last hour and a half or so was the nail in the coffin. 35+ degrees is too hot to be sitting on a bike….

Day 16 – Bend, Or to La Grande, Or

Distance: 301 miles / 484.4 Kilometres
Temperature: Low 20 (start of day)/ High 29 (rest of day)
Travelling Time: 8:00am-4:00pm

This is the last of three days in my journey. I’ve selected routes that will have part of the day as open road highway riding and the remainder challenging technical rides. Today was no exception. The…