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Day Ride – Powerface Trail, Kananaskis, Spray Lakes, Canmore

Finally had decent weather and some time off again. I wanted to get some more practise on backroads and gravel.
Not a bad day. Much of the route I’ve been on before in the truck or car. A bit cooler in Kananaskis and it even, gasp, started to snow at higher altitudes.

I’ve gained some confidence…

Ride through Mclean Creek, Highwood House and Livingstone Falls

Great weather. Finally!

Got out on some of the gravel roads for a decent ride today.

Pretty uneventful ride (except one thing) but absolutely lovely sunny and relaxing.

A quick jaunt through Kananaskis on the Mclean Creek side. Went up the Gorge Creek Trail but unfortunately it is closed at one end. Not sure how long…

Day Ride – Kananaskis – A not so sunny day

Had a chance again today to zip out to Kananaskis. I was planning to head out to the Powderface Trail but when I got there the rain/snow had socked into the area and I had to come back. It began raining in epic biblical proportions. Flash rains and clay/mud roads don’t mix.

Just before I turned…

First Sunny Day – Backroads through Mclean Creek

Finally got some free time and a bit of decent weather. Took a spin out past Bragg Creek on Highway 66 to Mclean Creek. Took the Mclean Creek Trail road right through to Millarville. Great conditions and the road is an easy ride. I took a spin up the Gorge Creek Trail road which is…

More Pieces of the Puzzle for Inuvik – One Big One….

Well, I’ve added two more pieces to my kit in preparation for next summer’s trip. I got a really good deal on a brand new 2010 Kawasaki KLR 650 dual-sport motorcycle. I picked it up from a local dealer after just poking around for a while trying to find a red one (not a big…