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Onion Takes the Piss Out of Apple

On the day of MacWorld announcements, the Onion releases this video.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Canadian Identity

with the election behind us and another conservative reign ahead at least our canadian identity can still be described as ‘not american.’

here’s a curious take by slate magazine –


how’s this for irony….

i’m riding home a few nights ago following along behind a little honda sedan. i noticed that the car was equipped with a GPS unit on the front windshield. as i’m following along i notice it is giving arrows and commands for the route the driver is supposed to follow.

even with a…

jon dore show

one of the funniest programs i’ve watched in recent memory. i’d actually tried to ‘tape’ the sarah silverman show on the comedy network, but instead i got several episodes of the jon dore show.

it’s brainy, but absolutely filthy and bizarre humour. he basically has some sort of…

funnier than david letterman?

every night i ‘tape’ david letterman on our PVR unit and watch them when i have time.the last few weeks this ridiculous, but equally hilarious, video showed up as one of the commercials. initially i thought it was a spoof by sasha baron cohen of borat fame. but they are actual commercials, for an actual…