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ASUS C202SA - New Era in Computing

Welcome Chromebook

After almost two decades as a user of Apple’s high-end Power machines, I’ve decided to try something new and venture out into the world of Chromebook use.

As I have done less IT related and website work over the years I’ve found that I don’t require the outright power of Apple’s high-end laptop computers. I basically…

Cordcutting – Update – Two Months

It’s been nearly two months since we cut the cord and stopped ordering cable TV from our local provider Shaw Cable. To be honest, it really hasn’t been that big of a deal. We really haven’t missed having cable TV at all.

We have upgraded to 50Mb/s data and get local programming over the cable as…

Cordcutting – Cutting off Cable TV Subscription

Over the past few years as internet speeds have increased, television show quality decreased, and my interest in paying large sums monthly to large national corporations waned, I decided it was time to ‘cut the cord’ and discontinue Cable TV subscription.

Over the past ten years we have progressively cut down our TV watching as a…

Onion Takes the Piss Out of Apple

On the day of MacWorld announcements, the Onion releases this video.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

LaCie Hard Drive Failure – Poor Product, Poor Customer Service

Recently I had a LaCie Quadra 500GB External Hard Drive fail (500GB LaCie d2 HD QUADRA 7200RPM 16MB – 301110U). One might expect that the hard drive would stop working, but low and behold it’s the internal power and controller card – likely with a value of less than $20. The drive is only 2…