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Who Am I?

Superfunkomatic, aka Mike Stahl. I live in Calgary, formerly making a living as a web developer, now school teacher.

Why ‘superfunkomatic’?

The name “superfunkomatic” came from my time living in the Northwest Territories and the earliest days of the web. Even in the late 90s it was hard to think of a unique screen name that would not have already been taken on Hotmail. I tried different versions of first and last name, first name with numbers, but nothing ever stuck.

I happened to be listening to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers album “Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic” and the tune “Funky Monks”. It came to me, something funky and easy to remember – superfunkomatic.

Why the blog?

In the blog I comment on life in general, observations, renovating houses, computers, motorcycles and things that generally put sand in your shorts. Many of the postings on the site are journal entries of my fairly extensive travels by motorcycle throughout North America.

I am not a writer, though I’ve pretended to be one in my previous career and with this blog (hopefully successfully). I even teach and corrupt the minds of children in the ways of learning to write effectively and creatively.

What I do for fun?

Since 1998, off and on, I have been a head coach for community level hockey – quite successfully with three city championships and many runners-up years. I’ve ‘retired’ from playing competitively at any level since I’ve damaged both knees and one ankle – you guessed it, playing hockey and floor hockey.

I enjoy a good microbrew beer and when I have the time with friends and family enjoy sitting around chatting over a pint.

I ride! A lot. I currently have three motorcycles – a 1984 VF500 Honda Interceptor, a 2008 Honda Varadero and a Honda CRF250L. Since getting my first bike in 2004 I have ridden 200,000+ kilometres.

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  1. rodparas says:

    Hi Mike,

    Remember me? I went to AMTC in 1999-2000 so it has been quite some time, however I went to contact the school to get a transcript, however there does not appear to be a school anymore. Since you used to teach there I thought you might know if the school went under, or what became of it. If you could shed any light on the situation I would be grateful. Hopefully AMTC did not go out of business (although it would not surprise me), as that would make obtaining transcripts exceedingly difficult – if that proves to be the case I suppose they probably wouldn’t be of much use to me anyways.

    Aside from that, how are things? Still have the dalmatians??

    Best Regards,



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