ASUS C202SA - New Era in Computing

Welcome Chromebook

After almost two decades as a user of Apple’s high-end Power machines, I’ve decided to try something new and venture out into the world of Chromebook use.

As I have done less IT related and website work over the years I’ve found that I don’t require the outright power of Apple’s high-end laptop computers. I basically need e-mail access, web access and the use of photo editing and importing software.

Some of the basic features of website publishing have been available through web access in WordPress for over a decade. Basic image editing is available through Google’s Snapseed and Adobe’s lightweight Photoshop Express.

Plus the thought of going on summer journeys, particularly offroad, with a several thousand dollar laptop always gave me pause and concern.

I’ve also tried the iPad route and frankly after almost a decade of use, Apple has never really added much functionality or honed the basic user interface to make it anything more than clunky version of what is already available on my iPhone.

So, enter the era of Chromebook computing. Low footprint, no overhead, and simple functioning machines with only the most basic features. Well, I’m impressed! They just plain work without a lot of fanfare, bells and whistles and without a lot of set-up time.

I’ve ‘invested’ in an ultra low-end machine for $200CDN and it’s working fine so far. It’s the ASUS C202SA, which is supposed to be an enterprise education laptop with extra durability and a rubberized case. I think this will be the perfect machine for travel – 11″ and under two pounds.

Plus, I’ve already bought into the Google ‘ecosystem’ with Drive, Docs and Play, which work great on Mac and Chromebook.

Time will tell if this cheap little box will suffice for my needs publishing photos and blog entries in the future.

ASUS C202SA Chromebook