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Cross-Canada Trip 2019 – Gear Test – Lone Rider Minibags & Adventure Tent

Last summer, I was able to be an early adopter for a new luggage system made by Lone Rider – Motobags. I was given the option to try the bags at a large discount and return them after a trial period at no cost to me. I figured it was worth a try and if I kept them I was able to purchase them for 50% of the retail price – great deal. Well, I was so impressed with the bags that I kept them and ended up selling my Givi/Kappa hard luggage. The Motobags became my full-time motorcycle luggage. I couldn’t be more pleased with the functionality, durability and design.

Later in the summer, Lone Rider developed accessory bags that can be attached to the MOLLE system of the bags. I’d intended to buy a similar product from other manufacturers (Mosko Moto, Dry Spec/SW Motech, GIVI) but they never really seemed to be the perfect fit or complement to my luggage. Well, when the MiniBags were announced as a prototype I knew I’d found the perfect match. 4.5 litres per bag and attachment points on four sides of the Motobags. This would be perfect for a water bladder, extra tire tubes, chain lube, fuel containers and extra clothing like a second set of gloves for rain/inclement weather. Having 38/45 litre luggage plus these four extra Minibags should solve some of the issues of compartmentalizing items while leaving them accessible while riding.

More recently, they announced a motorcycle tent – the Adventure Tent. I wasn’t really in the market for a tent. I’m quite happy with my MEC backpacking tent (Hummingbird 2) – small, easy to pack, durable and well-designed. It’s served me well on many long journeys motorcycling. But when I saw their new design I thought it would be a good fit in the long-term for two-person camping. It packs to the same size as my current one-person tent, has the same weight and is just as packable at roughly the same volume. The added bonus is that it has enough space for me, gear, and a place to hang out with a bit more breathing room if weather is nasty. Why not?

I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of both sets of items – the bags in December and the tent in early spring. They will take their maiden voyage and be thoroughly tested as part of my ride across Canada next summer.