2019 Ride Planning – Cross-Canada – Again….

Starting the initial planning for the 2019 riding season. Really looking forward to seeing other parts of Canada on this second cross-Canada trek.

This time I’ll be going through Labrador, Newfoundland and trying to incorporate elements of the TCAT (Trans-Canada Adventure Trail). Like the last time I rode across Canada in 2017, there is a limited amount of time and I was trying to find a way to not miss the Trans-Labrador Highway and ‘The Rock’ again, though they are a long journey in and of themselves. So….

I decided this time to try to cut off a few days of riding by taking advantage of an Air Canada program called Fly Your Bike. The initial plan is to fly my Africa Twin to Montréal and leave from there to the East and Maritimes. That will save several days of riding across the prairies, give me a few days in Montréal to be a tourist, and then put me right on the back door of the Trans-Labrador Highway. The shipping program seems like a reasonable cost and will give me the necessary time to do more exploring without marathon distance riding across the prairies to get there.

Incorporating some gravel travel days and the TCAT may be a challenge as the distances are still vast but I’ll definitely do some backroads riding to see new parts of the country.

The trip still will be about 10,000 kilometres in roughly three to four weeks of riding. So, another epic journey is in the making. Can’t wait for spring and the new riding season.