Mitas E-12 Rally Star

Mitas E-12 Rally Star and Michelin Anakee Wild Tires – Tested

After returning from a 5,500 kilometre trip, I’d have to say that both of these tires were very impressive both on and off-road.

The Michelin Anakee Wild has the manners of a sport touring tire on the road with plenty of grip in dry and wet conditions. It really shines off-road and I put it through its paces over 1,000 kilometres of gravel, shale, sand, dirt and mud – no drama at all. This tire is the most confidence inspiring tire I’ve ridden to date (even better than the previous Avon TrekRider from last summer). I’m also very impressed with the longevity of the tire as it still has almost half of its life left after the tour.

The Mitas E-12 was a bit of an unknown quantity. Very little information or reviews online and it is billed as a ‘rally’ tire. I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant when I bought it and was hoping it would make the trip and maybe have some life left. The bike was fully laden with gear and this tire worked extremely well as a road tire (faultless grip) and was was superb off-road and bites hard into soft and hard surfaces. On washboard the tire would skip as expected but then on the next revolution bite right into the terrain. No step outs or slides even when pushed hard. In some 30 kph hairpins near Lillooet I purposely tried to get rear wheel spin with hard acceleration on the exit from a turn – no dice – it just held on. On a huge grade (19% plus), I was able to skid and keep control in sandy and broken terrain.

The Michelin Anakee Wild still has about 5mm of tread left and has maintained its profile. The Mitas E-12 has about 6-7 mm (from 16 mm) left of the tread, has flattened a bit in the centre, and still has a few good rides left in it (probably 500-700 kilometres) – really good bang for the buck on a $180 tire.