Jordan Valley, OR

Summer 2015 Ride to San Francisco, the Varadero, and Absence from Blogging

I haven’t seemed to find the time, energy or interest to update things on my blog over the last couple years. There always seems to be something to do and this has fallen to the bottom of the list.

I’ve learned a lot about various aspects of life from reading other people’s personal experiences through blogging – health, sanity, motorcycles, family, occupational hints, etc. I’d like to swing back to more regular contributions in hopes of providing information to others that may help them out.

Summer 2015 Ride

One of the longest trips in in comparatively less time again. The getting out camping thing seemed pretty weird at first. It had been so long since I’d actually camped and never had I done it alone. It turned out to be exactly what I needed – quiet time and time outside. I was fortunate that it only sprinkled rain on one occasion and was otherwise perfect weather for camping out from -5 celcius to 30 celcius (hot to be in a tent). After a couple of days I developed a routine and setting up and taking down camp became a piece of cake. It also shortened the riding day on most days to try and finish up before dark, get situated, and set up camp. I really enjoyed it. Good for the soul.

Some of my favorite places to ride along the way are in the photos below.

The Varadero was an absolutely perfect touring bike and did very well off the beaten path and gravel (even some tracks – which was pushing things too far loaded up).

I’ll let the photos and comments speak for themselves.

I took very little time to stop in towns, very little time for photos, and a whole lot of time just quietly contemplating and rejuvenating.


  • Staying in Fire Lookout – $25/night to stay in some of the most amazing places in the US – Gotta do it again
  • Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho – great riding both on and off-road, tons of secluded and remote camping
  • Side roads outside of San Francisco – Wow! Plenty to explore on a future trip
  • Camping and riding in the Big Sur area – lots of ‘goaty’ trails to ride with no one around
  • 10 days to ‘chillax’ in Stinson Beach – one of my favorite beach places ever