First Half Marathon – Give’r

After battling illness for nearly four years, neurological issues and overall feeling terrible for so long, I’m finally ready to take on a new challenge and run my first half marathon.

The training started in September along with a change in diet. It would appear, although it is unconfirmed by tests, that I am a celiac. I’ve removed gluten completely from my diet and have slowly started to feel better, more energetic and a whole bag of potatoes lighter.

I started back with short distances of 1-3 kilometres and worked on speed and stamina and preventing injury and have worked up to 16-17 kilometres at a stable pace. My hope is that the training and frequent running are enough to prepare me for the added distance of the final 5-6 kilometres to finish.

I’m certainly not a jack rabbit but if I can maintain my 6:15-6:30 pace for the race, I should manage a time under 2:30, which would make me a very happy camper.

December was a tough time since it was brutally cold and when I went on one particularly long training run (17.5K) I tore a calf muscle and hurt my achilles in both legs with a small slip and shuffle manoeuvre on some ice – thank you, thank you very much (Elvis voice). It took almost to the end of March to heal and get back to running. So needless to say getting near half marathon distances again in about a month and a half has been a major win.

Picking up the race package today really made the experience real. I’m going to be out on the course on Sunday with roughly 14,000 other runners. Boy, it’ll be swell (best Leave It To Beaver voice). I’m really excited, nervous, anxious and just plain happy to have a chance to give it a go. First times are rare moments and I’m going so soak this one up.