Adding a new top case to Varadero – GIVI TRK52

The Varadero came with a Givi Monolock top case which did the trick for a helmet or small stuff but wasn’t really big enough or durable enough for anything other than commuting. So I decided to add a larger and more touring type of top case – the GIVI Trekker TRK52.

This case is absolutely cavernous. My case on my Honda VFR holds a ton of stuff and is a 46 Litre case. This is like Nigel Tufnel says about his amps going to “eleven” – it’s 52 litres. The bonus is it is also a rectangular shape so it’s easier to get stuff to fit.

The Givi T490 is an expandable nylon bag with is crafted to fit inside the top case and is a perfect fit. The irony of Givi’s luggage is that the Honda bags (which they make) and inner bags (which they make) actually are made of more durable nylon (a heavier denier) and are better at using ALL of the space. I’m guessing that an accountant or actuary is worried about people overloading the bag (which, sorry, they always do!) and suing. Needless to say this kit along with the two 37 litre TRAX side panniers are going to provide a lot of space for gear.

The E222 mounting plate is a cinch to mount and put on the bike. One hitch though, the mounting bolts are not long enough to pass through the aluminum upper plate of the bike, through the frame area and also through the TRAX luggage bar. The luggage bar adds another 5-7mm of depth. After some monkeying around, measuring , and several trips to Home Depot, I figured it out. A M8x60mm bolt does the trick! Metric bolts are not in large supply for some reason – hello, we live in Canada with the metric system – what the hell?

Next step a new battery and some electrical accessories and I’ll be all kitted out for the summer’s adventure.