Day 7 – 14 – Stinson Beach

We had an amazing time as a family in Stinson Beach. It is a quiet, quaint and relaxing place to spend a week.

This is a week of firsts – first family vacation, first time out of the country together, and Niko’s first time at the ocean and beach, first MLB game.

Our second day we went to a SF Giants baseball game. It was an incredible experience for me especially. I’d played competitive baseball into my teens and had always dreamed of seeing a game live. What a game! 45,00 in attendance to see a new record set. First time a pitcher and catcher hit grand slam home runs in a single game. We also took the Larkspur ferry to and from the game which let us see the entire Bay Area from a unique perspective.

We spent a couple days exploring the Muir Woods and Point Reyes with the remainder of our time just hanging out at the beach.

Muir Woods is an amazing area of old growth redwood trees. It is very touristy due to the short distance to San Francisco. We eve saw one woman take a cab there. We walked throughout the park and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the old forest. It is hard to get your head around thousand year old trees. They have been through epochs of fire, drought, climate change and have persevered.

The trip out to Point Reyes and Bolinas was fun as well. The climate and weather change nearly every couple of miles. From warmish 70s weather to chilling fog and wind. The ruggedness of the surroundings is part of its beauty and charm. Searing hot Sierra and rocky cool coastal climes. Unfortunately, the weather at the lighthouse and midweek day meant it was closed to the public, although we enjoyed the fresh air and chance to wander. The. Point is full of deer and we saw at least ten in the few kilometre walk.

We’d read about Bolinas and it’s charm and locals attempts to keep it a secret. It’s tiny, cute and a perfect basic little town. The oldest pub in California, a restaurant and a few basic services are all that are to be found. We had a delicious lunch at the Coastal Cafe on the patio in the afternoon sun.

The rest of the week was beach time. Niko absolutely loved being active on the beach with walking, digging and building in the sand. He is very social and would wander into other families sand castle building attempts, stop to ‘talk’ with their dogs and even steal a corn chip or two. Every day he asked for ‘beach’ and ‘ocean’. He kept himself busy from dawn to dusk at the beach every day.

We were lucky with the weather and had a mostly warm and sunny week, which is unusual in these parts. A few cooler days and one that was misty and cloudy. Regardless, we enjoyed the days outside.

We saw seals, whales, pelicans, bats, and plenty of interesting sea creatures during the week.

We had one real meal out at the Sand Dollar which was delicious. The rat of our meals we picked up groceries at the local market or ate at the Parkside Cafe which had delicious pastries, baking and higher end burgers and fast food.

It was a great week of truly unwinding and we will definitely return – maybe again next year.