New tires – Preparing the VFR for the Summer Trip

Finally had some free time this weekend to put on the new tires. I got such a good deal on some new Michelin Pilot Road 2 tires that I didn’t bother with the newer Road 3/4 tires. I’ve found that they work perfectly for my riding thus far (3 sets) and I get good mileage. My next set will be the more modern Pilot Road 4.

I’ve installed a stiffer version of the tires this time around to see if it makes a difference two-up or when I’m loaded up like I’ll be this summer. To be honest, I can’t see getting more mileage from the tires than I already do (about 16-18,00 kilometres), but you never know.

The BT016 front and BT021 rear combo worked quite nicely and were a leftover from when I bought a second set of rims and rotors for tire changes. I really like the feel of the Bridgestone BT016 for cornering but any real roads that would use them are so far away they’d be mostly eaten up by touring to get there. Even when squared off from last summers ride to Alaska they were still compliant and easy to corner.

I’ll track this set of tires and see how long they last – starting at 78,530 kilometres. I estimate this summers trip at around 6-7,000 kilometres so we’ll see how they hold up in the desert heat. Last time they were the perfect tire for blasting down the freeway to get down south and really good on the twistier roads.

This trip will break the 80,000 kilometre / 50,000 mile mark on my bike since I bought it in early 2006. I’ll try and get a pic of the odometer as I blast my way down to the US. If I’m really lucky I may break it here around Calgary with a few more rides.

I’ll try to get one marathon day in before the big trip just to get used to being in the saddle for an extended trip again – preparation for two 1,000+ kilometre days to start the trip.

My hand is healing fine so far from the Carpal Tunnel Surgery. I’ve gone on a few 200+ kilometre rides around Calgary to test things out. Seems okay and no lasting pain after riding.

No changes in diet, sleep, drinking of alcohol and I seem to have a bit of reprieve from the intense pain I’ve been feeling. Not sure really what the solution is but I’ll enjoy living with less pain as long as it lasts.