2014 Family Vacation and Ride – Stinson Beach, California

Our first family vacation will be a trip to California which will involve 2/3 of us flying (son and spouse) and 1/3 (me) riding there and back by motorcycle.

We will be spending a week together in the Bay Area of California, more specifically Stinson Beach and day trips around the San Francisco area.

I will be leaving 4 or 5 days in advance to ride down with mostly freeway routes to make time and a few days of fun rides. We’ll spend a week together and chillax then I’ll return home in 4 or 5 days through the Pacific Northwest.

Bike to Ride?

I’m tempted to take the dual sport because I can get off the beaten path and explore for camping opportunities. There are so many excellent forestry roads in the Western United States with only a bit of gravel to get to some pretty cool spots. The trade-off is to have a really sore butt during the traveling days on the freeway – not fun.

The VFR is more comfortable, quicker and more fun to ride on the twisty roads. It is also much better with a few long freeway days that will be necessary – it soaks up the miles and makes it much more smooth and bearable. It’ll likely be the VFR that gets the call to duty for this trip.


I’m also thinking about the possibility of bringing along my camping gear to cut costs and reconnect with nature a bit. I’ve been chronically sick for almost two years so maybe a chance to be outside and get the fresh air might be a way to revive my energy and prepare for the upcoming school year. I’ve got all the necessary kit and it fits neatly into one waterproof bag including sleeping bag, cookware, tent, etc.

Possible Activities

  • MLB game – Giants vs Diamondbacks – booked
  • Exploring the surrounding wine region
  • Obligatory trips to see the Golden Gate
  • Return trip up the Lost Coast Highway/Mattole Rd.

Routes and Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Calgary to Idaho Falls, ID – 1081 Kilometres (marathon) – proposed route
  • Day 2 – Idaho Falls, ID to Las Vegas, NV – 1025 Kilometres (another marathon – avoiding Salt Lake City) – proposed route
  • Day 3 – Rest Day – Las Vegas, NV
  • Day 4 – Las Vegas, NV to Bishop, CA – 556 Kilometres (via Badwater Rd – Death Valley -178, see also Danté’s View) – proposed route
  • Day 5 – Bishop, CA to South Lake Tahoe, CA – 650 Kilometres (Tioga Pass, Yosemite, Sonora Pass) – proposed route
  • Day 6 – South Lake Tahoe, CA to Stinson Beach, CA – 400 Kilometres (Carson Pass) – proposed route

  • Alt. Carson City, NV to Sonora – 500+ Kilometres – route (check out Kingsbury Grade outside of Lake Tahoe)
  • Alt. Sonora to Stinson Beach – route

– See more at: http://www.superfunkomatic.com/motorcycle-trips/2014-trip-to-california/#sthash.PCsyGaSY.dpuf