Cordcutting – Update – Two Months

It’s been nearly two months since we cut the cord and stopped ordering cable TV from our local provider Shaw Cable. To be honest, it really hasn’t been that big of a deal. We really haven’t missed having cable TV at all.

We have upgraded to 50Mb/s data and get local programming over the cable as an antenna. Still get sports like hockey on CBC, TSN and occasionally on American stations. We still get local news on Global and CBC.

Our use of torrents to download movies has increased dramatically. We’ve watch BBC shows like Black Mirror, Orphan Black, and oldies like X-files and Taken which has more than occupied our limited TV watching time. It’s a shame that broadcasters and the movie industry don’t adopt a more hybrid model of their distribution and combine torrents with a subscription service. I’d certainly pay to watch shows that are worthwhile. We’ve also been able to watch shows like Top Gear which are available almost immediately (literally hours) after they are broadcast overseas rather than waiting for months or a year to wait for traditional broadcasters to air the content.

The only thing I miss is the pause function of the PVR. It’s nice to stop movies or frankly any content when you need to leave the room for a few minutes. That feature I miss!

Otherwise I encourage you to do the same – cut the cord and send big Canadian cable companies a message – the service is not worth the amount they are charging and that they should offer a la carte cable so you aren’t paying for a bunch of channels that you are not going to watch.