Cordcutting – Cutting off Cable TV Subscription

Over the past few years as internet speeds have increased, television show quality decreased, and my interest in paying large sums monthly to large national corporations waned, I decided it was time to ‘cut the cord’ and discontinue Cable TV subscription.

Over the past ten years we have progressively cut down our TV watching as a general rule. We watch the news (national and local) and a handful of well-produced and top quality shows. More and more we relied on torrents and downloads since programs often came from overseas or were blocked/delayed releases in Canada. The quality of programming available on iTunes, Netflix and torrents has provided more content than we could ever watch and in HD.

We also had a look at what we are now paying for premium internet services and cable. The internet at 50Mbps is about $90 per month and total cable was pushing almost $300. That’s nearly $3600 for entertainment in the form of television. With about 350 channels and only a small sliver that we actually watched the financial decision was made much easier.

We still receive local and national news over the air and even get two sports networks that weren’t available as part of our HD package or regular cable – I’m still trying to make sense of that.

I have a feeling that this will be a long-term decision and that the age of downloadable content for all programming can’t be much further behind. Soon to be gone are the days where cable companies dictate ‘special packages’ and ‘bundles’ along with indecipherable billing methods. They have priced themselves out of business and are quickly becoming a dead media much like the record industry now trying to make up for being about 10 years behind the downloadable purchase and sharing trends.

The only thing I miss is the operation of the PVR and stopping live television – I’ve become quite used to that when leaving the room for snacks or a break. It’s a small price to pay to save all that extra money to do other things like vacations or weekend adventures. Good riddance, cable! Hello free, paid, and subscription downloadable content.