Ready to go!

Finished off all the maintenance on my bike. Here’s the laundry list of work:

  • Added AdMore LED lighting to rear top box – it’s bright and gives a lot of visibility for my brake lights and turn signals
  • Changed the coolant and topped up the reserve
  • Changed the oil and filter with some new 10w30 Synthetic Mobil 1
  • Added a Kuryakyn Voltage meter to the bike – not going to get stranded without warning like my trip to California last time
  • New tires from my second set of wheels (BT016 front tire and BT023 rear tire) – these have been kicking around the garage for years and I’d like to burn them off
  • Shorai Lithium Iron Battery (old battery was starting to get weak and this one is about 75-80% of the weight) – LFX18A1-BS12
  • Changed front and back cam chain tensioners (pretty easy to do with the help of an online guide on VFRdiscussion)

Had a bit of a scare on the test ride last night as the bike was running terrible. Wouldn’t accelerate properly wouldn’t kick into the all valve VTEC mode. Generally just an unhappy bike. Went through a list of possibilities with spark and fuel and realized that the gas in the bike has been in there since last summer. Doh! Drained out the fuel and it ran like a top.

 photo file_zpseb5f2372.jpg

New Admore Lighting LED Package for Top Box on VFR

Now to pack and prepare my luggage and a small set of tools.