Day 9 – Prince George, BC to Home

Final Day

Travel Time: 10:00am-8:00pm
High Temp: 28 celcius (McBride, BC)
Low Temp: 9 celcius (Bow Summit – Icefields Parkway)
Distance: 804 kilometres to the door of my garage! Whew!

The last days of a journey like this are always odd. Part of me doesn’t want it to end because I really love exploring. The other part is tired from all the riding and glad to get home and see family.

The bike is still performing weirdly but I actually got one of my best fuel economy readings yet – 52 mpg. Insanely good. A little more power but still not like it should. I must say I’m glad that the bike didn’t leave my high and dry and made it the whole way. It is surprisingly good on gas for a bigger sport tourer. And it has been much more comfortable than the KLR was last time on these long stretches.

Nothing particularly eventful to report. I blasted right through to McBride for gas. It was insanely expensive $1.52/litre – now that’s price gouging!

Quick stops along the way to rest and recharge but otherwise I pretty much just rode the whole day.

I considered looking for rooms in Jasper but it was a complete gongshow and a zillion tourists. I also thought about stopping at Bow Lake and staying at Num Ti Jah Lodge for a night but decided I’d leave that for another adventure.

I feel fortunate to live close to the Columbia Icefields Parkway – I never get tired of that road. It is still one of the most incredibly beautiful places I’ve visited (and I’d say on Earth). It’s a nice way to cap off these adventures on the way home.

Rolled into Calgary and my garage just before it started to get dark. Turned off the bike and thought – that’s all folks! Another great motorcycle journey.

I’ll complete a summary of distances, costs, etc. tomorrow.

I really enjoyed my trip this time and I am quite sure that Hyder is a place that I’ll visit again.