Day 1 – Calgary to Grand Forks, BC – Gear on, gear off

Travel Time – 8:30-6:30
Low Temp: 12 degrees – outside of Longview in the torrential rain
High Temp: 30 degrees – Grand Forks, BC
Distance: 711 kilometres

Pretty successful first day on the bike. The weather was the only element that made riding a bit more challenging today.

It was cool and damp this morning when I got the gear loaded and ready to go. Said our goodbyes and Niko closed the garage door for me. And off I went!

The highways were quite busy with traffic returning from the long weekend, especially traffic moving West to East. The traffic returning to Calgary was bumper to bumper all the way to Creston.

So far my body is cooperating with the demands of longer riding days. Some aches and pains, and my right hand is not appreciating the grip required for throttle controls – keeps going numb and tingly. This is odd since it is usually my left hand that has the issues.

Met several opportunities to get wet on the way and encountered rain in Longview (epic), Creston, Salmo and sprinkles just outside of Christina lake.

I felt like Daniel in the Karate Kid doing his wax-on and wax-off routine. I put on and took off my rain gear about 7 times today since it was too warm for most of the day to continue wearing it.

Traffic from Creston to Grand Forks was a breeze and the highway was mostly vacant. A couple relatively high passes to cool things off a bit.

The only unexpected part of the day was missing the turn off into town at Castlegar and not refuelling.Needless to say that when I made it to Christina lake my tank was as close to empty as you can get (about 0.4 litres of fuel remaining).

A quick jaunt about town and Grand Forks is quite quiet since the weekend rousers have left to go back after the weekend.

Depending on weather tomorrow I’ll be sneaking across the border which is about 10 minutes away and heading through Northern Washington and the Cascades Highway enroute to Vancouver. If the weather is uncooperative I’ll just head straight across to Vancouver.