Summer Planning and Changes


The purpose of this blog when I started so many years ago was a daily/weekly journal. As things in life got so much busier with a return to university, career change and now a family it’s been increasingly hard to keep up with blogging and updates. For the past few years the website has become a travel blog of my trials and travails on journeys throughout North America.

This year marks a few milestones – my fifth year as a teacher and corruptor of young minds and my son’s first birthday. The years since returning to university have flown by and I’ve been so glad to have switched to a career that is rewarding and challenging. I work harder and longer hours than I have in any job but enjoy every minute of it.

Likewise, having a family has been both rewarding and challenging and witnessing all the new developments in my son’s life have been remarkable. He’s going to be quite a character as he already has quirks and clever little personality traits developing.

It also marks an odd milestone – over a year and a half with some undetermined illness. Currently it has been undiagnosed in spite of countless MRI, CAT scans and X-rays. I have developed a general overall pain and fatigue that has not left in this time period while also losing feeling in my hands, fingertips and feet. The best I can describe it is like having a constant cold combined with a hangover and soreness of having done a long distance run.

Needless to say that with life changes, stress of being a teacher, and having this illness I’m looking forward to an adventure this summer. I’ll also endeavour to spend more time documenting and writing things going on in my life again.

Summer Adventure

This will be quite a challenge this summer to go on an epic journey. I have ridden the grand total of about 1,200 kilometres in the last two years. My bikes have barely moved this year other than one short 200 kilometre ride and a few trips to work. So my ‘riding ass’ will certainly not be prepared in time for the trip this summer.

Two options – return to Alaska or back to California

I’m hoping that some mates, and possibly my bro, will be able to join me for a trip to Hyder, Alaska in August. I’d like to get some pictures of the grizzlies and the salmon run since I missed it the last time I was there a few years ago.

Or, I return to California. Blast down the interstates for two days and head to the Malibu Hills outside of Los Angeles to do some canyon rides, beach days and sightseeing before jetting back as quickly as possible home.

Either way it will be about 11-14 days of traveling and riding. Either trip will also include a few days in Vancouver, BC to see a friend that I haven’t seen since I moved back to Calgary in 1993 (twenty years – okay, I’m feeling old now). Stay tuned for more details in the next few days.