Preparing for the trip to Hyder

A couple of quick maintenance issues need to be tackled before departing on the trip next week.

The first ones are the changing of the cam chain tensioners on my 2005 VFR 800 Interceptor. I started with the easy one the one on the rear of the engine which was pretty straightforward to change out and took about an hour. Tomorrow, I’ll tackle the front one. They were making considerable noise and have almost 80,000 kilometres on them. I’ve saved a bundle of dealer costs for shop time by doing it myself and so far it’s been a pretty easy wrenching job.

Got good news today that one of my buddies is indeed going on the trip and will join me from Vancouver to Hyder and back. It’ll be nice to have a riding mate for those four days. Other than short bursts I’ve basically done all of my longer journeys solo.

I’ve also been watching the Alaska and BC fisheries websites and it appears that the salmon are beginning their runs. So there’s a good chance of seeing the grizzlies at Hyder this time. Fingers crossed!

Last things to do this week are change the oil and filter, add a new LED light bar to my luggage for increased visibility, double check tires for wear (though they should be fine), then organize all of my gear and go light on extras this time.

Hoping for good weather.  🙄