Latest Start to the Riding Season Yet – Calgary to Coleman via 532 and Highway 40 Forestry Road

This year has been so busy with work and with renovations that I haven’t really had enough time to ride hardly at all. I’ve been for a couple short rides to Bragg Creek and commuting but today was my first real ride. The weather also hasn’t been cooperating and honestly the first really nice weather has only been in the end of June and early July. Oh and with a baby on the way at any minute I really don’t want to be too far from home. 😉

Decided to take some gravel roads and explore a bit today. Pretty good outing and excellent weather. It was really nice to go out and get the lead out today.

There were quite a few offroaders and ATVers out today enjoying the weather. Not a lot of traffic otherwise.

I had one ‘get off’ trying to climb a hill that I’ve been up before. Last time I had knobby tires, this time, not…. Needless to say that lifting a fully fuelled 500+ pound motorcycle in warm weather is a good workout. It was steep enough that the bike slid down the hill three times below me (while I gracefully dismounted). Another note to self – don’t use your shin bone to try and stop a motorcycle from sliding down a hill backwards. I have to remember the KLR is not a dirt bike – note to self – buy a dirt bike, too! 🙂

Not sure there’ll be much riding this summer although I may try and sneak out for a weekend or two during the rest of the summer break.

Weather: Sunny 28 Celcius
Distance: 495 kilometres
Riding Time: 9:30-4:00pm

Highway 532 - Close to Indian Graves

Highway 532 – Close to Indian Graves

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