Day Ride – Forestry Trunk Roads in Kananaskis

Distance: 414 Kilometers
Time: 11:00am – 6:00pm

Lovely weather today for fall in Calgary. Perfect weather for a ride. I’ve recently picked up the southern Alberta copies of the Backroads Mapbooks and decided to go out exploring on some of the less traveled side roads.

Today I headed out through Bragg Creek to Longview. Over Highway 532 by Indian Graves campground and to the junction of the forestry trunk road (940/40) heading down towards Coleman.

I had planned to take the Old Man River Road up through the Cataract Creek snowmobiling area and reconnect with the forestry trunk road at Highwood House and head home.

The road starts off as gravel, then gravel and mud/dirt, then mostly dirt then the last section is really abandoned road right back to the Forestry Trunk road. There are no signs that I could see and the road conditions become almost like a walking path. The road has obviously been abandoned for a considerable time since the one sign I did see just before a broken old wooden bridge was still in miles per hour.

It was fun to get out there and see another part of the Kananaskis that I’d never been to before. Luckily the weather was fantastic. If there had been any chance of rain or recent rain activity that road would be a complete disaster and virtually impassable.

I got all the way around to the junction to turn back towards Highwood House and discovered with the last few metres that the road was closed. Luckily it had a wide walking path around it so I could skirt around the gate. Seems odd that the road was fully open and accessible from the South but not at all from the North.

I didn’t see a vehicle or any signs of life for several hours. A great riding adventure.

Cataract Creek Area - Kananaskis

Cataract Creek Area - Kananaskis - The road is abandoned from this point North.

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