Day Ride – Forestry Trunk Road – North to Nordegg Junction

Distance: 340 kilometers
Time: 11:30am – 5:45 pm
Temp.: 28 celcius (It’s like frickin’ summer out there)

Took advantage of the great weather and went on a blast north on the forestry trunk road. Surprisingly with such great weather there wasn’t a sole around. I pretty much had the road to myself the whole afternoon.

We’ve had very little rain the past few months so everything is popcorn dry. The road was a dust bowl and the new gravel areas that they have put down since our torrential spring rain is like riding on marbles – fun, challenging and occasionally butt-clinchingly scary!

I had intended to ride the route up highway 40/940 all the way to Nordegg but instead turned off at the junction with about 130 kilometres of gravel road left to go. If I had pushed on I would have had to come back through Rocky Mountain house and the prairies at dusk and dark – too many creatures are stirring at that time of day.

There are a few really scenic spots – the Waiparous area lookout, coming down from the first junction to Sundre and looking towards the mountains, and a few kilometres before the turn-off to 584 (last one) to Sundre. Lots of good mountain panoramas. They were also conducting a prescribed burn on the other side of the range towards the Icefields Parkway – smoke can be seen coming in a huge plume over the mountains and a cloud that stretches for hundreds of kilometres.

Overall a great day. It’s getting towards the end of the riding season and won’t be much longer before it starts snowing at higher elevations – sad face – 🙁

Waiparous Lookout

Waiparous Lookout

Red Deer River - Looking Towards Yaha-Tinda Ranch

Red Deer River – Looking Towards Yaha-Tinda Ranch

Nordegg Junction to Sundre

Nordegg Junction to Sundre – Check out the fantastic fall colours

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