Day 2 – Prince George to Hyder, Alaska

Distance Traveled: 704 kilometers
Time on bike: 7:00am – 5:30 pm
High/Low temp: 10 celcius (Prince George) / 24 celcius (Hyder)
Animal Count: 10 bears, 1 bald eagle, 1 moose, 1 beaver

What a terrific day of riding. Another long day on the road but the scenery was amazing.

The ride from Prince George to Houston was easy open roads and some scenery. It was like a ride through Saskatchewan or the desert of Utah or Nevada. I mean that in a good way. It’s pretty unique t go through hundreds and hundreds of kilometers of boreal forest. You really get a sense of how untouched most of the north really is. Very little traffic, no towns and little civilization.

Internet access is available but is quite limited. Even phone access for cellphones here in Hyder doesn’t work. To be honest – that’s not such a bad thing in our “wired 24/7 world”. It’s kinda nce, actually.

The mountains of northern BC are colossal. Immense and snow covered. Truly awe-inspiring. Vast glaciers and huge peaks. I’ve honestly been talking to myself. “awesome”, “holy crap”. There are also stunning lakes in the aptly named “lake district”.

I’ve seen many animals. More bears, a moose, deer, a beaver and bald eagles. They must have some special contract as I haven’t been able to capture any of them with the camera.

The last 60 kilometers from Meziadin Junction to Hyder were nothing short of amazing. unreal glaciers and mountains. Pictures will have to be in my photo bucket account until I have better Internet access.

I met two nice fellows today when riding. Jason, from Seattle, at Kitiwanga for a photo and Chris, from California, here at the Sealaska Motel in Hyder. Had dinner and a beer tonight together. I’m going to ride with Chris tomorrow to Telegraph Creek. It’s great to meet like minds along the way. I’m always amazed how easy it is to make connections with people on trips like this yet at home we’d likely never say “boo” to one another. More on our chat when I have more time.

Also, like when I lived in Yellowknife, the long days are already boosting my energy level. It’s 10:30 and still light and it feels like 6:00pm to me. I’m going to have to get some sleep now and add more to these posts as I have time.

I will be “off the grid” for the next day or two. I’m hoping to snag a cabin in Telegraph Creek for a day or two depending on road conditions and weather.