Day 16 – Dawson Creek, BC to Hinton, AB

Distance: 459 kilometers
Time on bike: 8:30-4:00pm
Temps: Very nice mid-20s all day (sunny)

Today has probably been the least eventful day of the trip. Which I guess is a good thing since everything went according to plan.

No rush today as it’s a short riding day at least in comparison with the past couple of days. Didn’t leave the hotel until 8:30 this morning.

When I say not eventful – no animals, no weather events and really nothing to see on the way. Contrary to Alberta Tourism’s recommendation of highway 40 between Grande Cache and Hinton, AB being a scenic byway – well, it isn’t. It’s better than taking the superfreakinghighway number 2 south through Edmonton. But really, there are no vistas, no scenery, not much of anything to catch your attention. It does gain significant altitude up to 1300 metros at some points but other than that it is a tree-lined highway to avoid bigger highways.

After several longish days my arse is getting sore. The KLR seat is very narrow and causes extreme discomfort when ridden for long days for several days in a row. So when I arrived in Hinton today I was glad to get off the bike to give my tuckus a break.

Hinton is kinda like the Teutels (American Chopper) meets extreme sports meets ultimate fighting challenge. Yikes! I didn’t bring my requisite 4×4 with 40″ wheels and a dirt bike in the back. Guess I’m really going to have to buy one of those TapOut shirts after all – just to fit in! Welcome back to Alberta, Mike! Haha.

Midweek hotels are easy to come by and cheap ($65) – the Tara Vista Motel. So I’ve relaxed and had some grub. Tomorrow is the last day of the trip. I’m looking forward to being home in my own ‘crib’ and bed. I’m always a bit sad to see the trip each year come to an end. Before it’s over though I’m fortunate enough to zip back through Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff before getting back home to Calgary. Should be a few more pics from this ride.