All Packed and Ready to Go!

Well, I’m all packed and ready to leave tomorrow morning. I won’t be leaving too early, probably around 7am.

I always get a bit jittery before heading off on these long journeys. Once I get breakfast and get rolling then things become a little more enjoyable. I always feeling like I’ve forgotten to pack something. The funny thing is most trips I have extra stuff that doesn’t get used.

I must say that once the bags are loaded on the bike I realize just how inadequate the rear suspension is on the KLR – it’s a big ol’ saggy bum! The rear wallows a bit with the weight. It’ll take a few kilometres to get used to riding with more weight on this bike.

I’ve also noticed that Charley Boorman’s “Extreme Frontiers” ride across Canada has him now in the Exshaw/Banff area so we may indeed cross paths as he also heads towards Inuvik and the Dempster Highway.

Bon voyage! First stop tomorrow is Prince George with the scenic route through the Columbia Icefields Parkway.

KLR All Loaded Up

KLR All Loaded Up - The Saggy Bottom Bike