Ride through Mclean Creek, Highwood House and Livingstone Falls

Great weather. Finally!

Got out on some of the gravel roads for a decent ride today.

Pretty uneventful ride (except one thing) but absolutely lovely sunny and relaxing.

A quick jaunt through Kananaskis on the Mclean Creek side. Went up the Gorge Creek Trail but unfortunately it is closed at one end. Not sure how long it has been closed since there is grass growing through and it looks pretty deserted.

Back around highway 40 to Highwood House and over the pass towards Coleman. About halfway over the pass I saw a woman running in what looked like riding gear. She looked pretty frantic. I stopped to see what was up. Her buddy had dislocated a shoulder. Ouch. She needed a ride. Luckily a car came up right behind me and picked her up and took her to her vehicle. I checked in when they stopped and made sure they didn’t need an ambulance. “No. I’ll go back and get them and our gear,” she said. I asked if she needed help with her ‘bike’. She was all decked out in what looked like an off-road riding suit. Turns out it is gear for kayaking. Silly me.

Had a nice view of the Crowsnest Pass from a high hill top. A couple on another KLR even rode up the steep hill to come and chat. They were coming through from Lethbridge and heading nowhere in particular. I was headed the other way towards nowhere in particular. We talked for about ten minutes then we both set off on our collective way.

It was getting late in the afternoon so I took a quick shortcut back to highway 22 and headed for home.

Roughly 470 kilometres today. A good day ride. I also found out that the bike will easily get about 4.5l/100 kilometres (52 MPG) with mix of on and offroad riding. It has a range of about 400 kilometres on a tank, a bit more if I pushed my luck.

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