First Sunny Day – Backroads through Mclean Creek

Finally got some free time and a bit of decent weather. Took a spin out past Bragg Creek on Highway 66 to Mclean Creek. Took the Mclean Creek Trail road right through to Millarville. Great conditions and the road is an easy ride. I took a spin up the Gorge Creek Trail road which is supposed to go right around to Bluerock and Turner Valley. Unfortunately, it started to rain and the road would be pretty challenging in the mud so I turned around and headed home.

I’m feeling much more confident on the dirt and gravel roads with the bike. Should be a piece of cake heading north on this bike. It’s a bit unnerving the first few times in deep gravel as the bike kinda floats. Once I got used to that the bike is a dream to ride on backroads.

Even saw a black bear today. Looked like a yearling as it wasn’t very big. It got one look at me and the sound of my bike and tore off into the trees. Pretty cool to see.

I also got a chance to test out the new SPOT Connect device again. It works very well for providing updates and even text messages along the way. I checked in and it sent out an e-mail to my friends list. Pretty cool! This will be great for the trip north and letting everyone know where I am.

Today’s route below (about 180 kilometres – 3 hours):

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