Day Ride – Kananaskis – A not so sunny day

Had a chance again today to zip out to Kananaskis. I was planning to head out to the Powderface Trail but when I got there the rain/snow had socked into the area and I had to come back. It began raining in epic biblical proportions. Flash rains and clay/mud roads don’t mix.

Just before I turned around I had my first gravel/mud road ‘get off’. The bike’s tires got caked with mud and I promptly went down on the road. It happened instantly – 50 km/h to zero in about 5 metres. I actually ended up remaining standing while the bike hit the ground. The crash guards did their job and there was no damage to the bike or myself (the bars are moved in slightly but no real damage). I lifted up the bike and wisely decided it was time to turn around. No problem in lifting the bike and a nearly full fuel tank (well over 500 pounds).

I was able to navigate around the rain for the remainder of the trip. The new one-piece riding suit (Joe Rocket – Survivor) is definitely rainproof.

I zipped back through a few areas of Mclean Creek again today. The new SPOT Connect device worked great at tracking my location. One of the rubs of buying a new device is that it has no mounting kits or hardware. I’d been using heavy duty velcro and sticking it to one of the cases. Worked well, that is, until today. Somewhere in Mclean Creek offroad area is the $150 piece of hardware. I used my GPS and tracked the last known location but couldn’t find it. Ugh! At least I bought replacement insurance so I’ll find out about replacing it tomorrow and hopefully it’ll arrive before my trip.

Here’s a map of the trip (260 kilometres):

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